The Best of Tuhin

Name: Ambalika
If The Edge of Desire left lingering thoughts of the...

You can hate the characters in the book

Name: Meghant parmar
It's dark and goes darker but as pangs of light hit the right spot ...

This book is highly recommended

Name: Smita Beohar
This book is highly recommended mainly because of the way it reflects...

With strong characters, driven by conflicts that have a semblance to reality

Name: Kulpreet yadav
With strong characters, driven by conflicts that have a semblance to reality...

The story is distributed in two parts

Name: Ammu Nair
The story is distributed in two parts wher the first part revolves around nirbhaya rape incident...

There's a saying that the society which defames the modesty of women

Name: Soumi Roy
The story fantastically starts with a street wily opposition leader Ravi Nehra and...

More Glorious

Name: Akashaditya Lama
Its more powerful than it's prequel " The edge of Desire "...

The Edge of Power is a rollercoaster thriller that has pace

Name: Rahul Sharma
The Edge of Power is a rollercoaster thriller that has...

Riposte of Feminine Power - Plethora of Emotions

Name: Aruna Shankar
The EDGE OF POWER, much awaited sequel of The EDGE OF DESIRE by TUHIN...

One of the most awaited books of the year

Name: Rachit Bhushan
One of the most awaited books of the year that has made it to the top even before release...

Tuhin's Best Book!

Name: Amarendra Kapoor
I have read every book of Tuhin and can say without doubt that this is his best work...

The cover's fabulous, and the book is an audacious

Name: Shriya Garg
The cover's fabulous, and the book is an audacious, no-holds-barred account of what goes on in...

The Edge of Power by Tuhin A Sinha was a pleasant surprise

Name: Neha Sharma
I would like to thank Sohini Bhattacharya of Hachette...

The Edge of Power brings back the powerful woman protagonist, Shruti Ranjan

Name: Ashmita Dutta
The story rakes up the pertinent issue of gender...

Tuhin Sir, the last four days saw me on great tenterhooks

Name: Archana
What I again find quite impressive in your books is your effortless style...

Just put down my very own copy of Tuhin A. Sinha's tour de force "The Edge Of Power"

Name: Sundeep Chopra
Catherine is recovering from the trauma of a repressive...

If the Edge of Desire left lingering thoughts of the disillusioned

Name: Ambalika
If the Edge of Desire left lingering thoughts of the...

Tuhin A. Sinha is one of the most renowned names in Indian Writing

Name: Vidit Chopra
The Edge of Desire is a story of Shruti Ranjan, a bold...

This is the continuation to the first part "The Edge of Desire".

Name: Tiyasa
I happened to have chanced upon "The Edge of Desire"...

The Edge of Power

Name: Shriya Garg
The Edge of Power is the follow-up to the much touted...

I didn't read many books from this author.

Name: Sundeep
I read his other book, perhaps the prequel of the book in discussion...

The Edge of Power comes after The Edge Of Desire

Name: Sam's playground
The heinous gang-rape of Nirbhaya has jolted the Indian nation...

A book that reveals every form of sin and corruption that exists in India!

Name: Anjana Vasan
Young, modern book lover reviews the book...

A Great Tribute To Womanhood!

Name: Dr Shamenaz
Assistant Professor Dept of Humanities AIET, Allahabad

Story-telling at its best!

Name: Madhav Ajgaonkar
A music composer from Mumbai talks about what works and what doesn't work for 'The Edge of Desire.'

Shruti Ranjan – I couldn't warm up to her!

Name: Shriya Garg
Author, reviewer, and web-designer;currently managing 'The-Vault',...

A beautifully plotted blend of emotions, relationships and politics!

Name: Aruna Shankar
A zesty professional from Bangalore, expresses her opinion about 'The Edge of Desire.'

Overdose of politics is the best part of it

Name: Vibina Venugopal
calls herself a person with a zest for life; and has the time of her life while reading, scribbling, and dreaming; describes...

Clear and pin-pointed framing of sentences leaves a non-erasable mark on the readers

Name: Parul Thakur
From the Adroits…. talks about why 'The Edge of Desire' is a well written...

A must read for every woman who believes in herself

Name: Sarita Thakore
who currently works at the Centre for Environment Education, and is engaged in education and communication towards sustainable...

It is a book that does not fear from delving deep into the cloudy and dark edges of not only politics but also relationships

Name: K Ananthakrishnan
talks about how "The Edge of Desire" has managed...

A book about an indomitable spirit of a woman.

Name: Rachna Chhabria
who loves to connect with other writers and discuss books, talks about Tuhin Sinha's latest book 'The Edge of Desire'...

Each character is brilliantly carved and this comes only with intricate research

Name: Sudeshna Koka
talks about how 'The Edge of Desire' demo­nstrates the pain, sadness, ang­er, frustration, betrayal a wom­an...

A book that vents into a variety of emotions

Name: Tasha Tyagi
who is a second year media trainee, a big foodie and an avid reader, talks about how 'The Edge of Desire" is based on a lot of research and gives...

'The Edge of Desire' is a must read for all and sundry.

Name: Yogmitra Thakrar
from Pune a tarot card reader & an aura and chakra healer talks about "The Edge of Desire" being an amazing piece of work.

The Sheen Of An Underbelly

Name: Saaz Aggarwalr
a writer and painter who lives in Pune feels that the best thing about 'The Edge of Desire' is that though it is written by a man; the thoughts, feelings, and actions

Gender violence and politics make a combustible combination

Name: Reshma Kulkarni
who reviews 'The Edge of Desire' for The Hindu; thinks it is worth a read to understand the quirks of fate, the machinations of politics, and the possible repercussions when...