A person who makes no bones while talking about politics, relationships and other social issues is bound to ruffle a few feathers! And what better way to deal with them, than to speak out upfront? Here are links to Tuhin’s interviews and public appearances; be it to answer questions, talk about his books, interact with readers or just express his thoughts on whatever is going on!

Featured Books

'The Edge of Desire', Tuhin's latest book  is the tale of a gutsy journalist who takes on the role of a modern day Draupadi, led by her charismatic mentor as she enters the big bad world of politics in her quest to avenge her rape at the hands of a politically protected goon.

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'Of Love and Politics' is Indian author Tuhin A. Sinha’s third and most ambitious novel. Set against the backdrop of Indian politics, the book is an unusual and a first-of its kind endeavor which despite being a fictitious story about relationships, fixes responsibility for some of India’s biggest political failings in the last 63 years.

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