Appreciation for Tuhin's Previous Books.

The Edge Of Desire

Shruti Ranjan is an apt representation of today's Indian woman, living on the cusp of modernity and tradition and dealing with the multitude of problems which come with this...In many ways, Shruti represents the formidable modern day Draupadi - The Asian Age

The Edge of Desire is worth a read to understand the quirks of fate, the machinations of politics and what a combustible combination the two can make. - The Hindu

The book's immensely pacy - mirroring exactly the frenetic developments in Indian politics where a split second can transform people's lives. Sinha's made good use of real-life events as markers in Shruti's political and personal life. The Mahabharata metaphor is thought-provoking and Sinha's also done a fair job of showing the different, often clashing sides of his characters' personalities -

The book has an interesting plot, considering the immensely political times we live in…Sinha covers a wide swathe, keeping his narrative interesting while portraying Shruti's 'it's complicated' status, be it her rocky personal or professional life -

OF Love And Politics

Indeed, in today's age of monosyllabic phrases and grammatically horrifying SMS-lingo, it is commendable to have a writer like Sinha who can so adeptly weave Shakespearean phrases like 'phlegmatic propensities' and 'puerile denials' with Shashi Tharoor-esque aplomb in his work - The Hindu

The book throws up well-researched and lesser-known trivia about Indian political history that is very illuminating. Tuhin represents a breed of young Indian authors who are conscious of their roots and who keep an eye on their political surroundings. - Deccan Herald

One of the most critical areas which the books delves into and which I liked very much is the connect between one's personal beliefs and his/her political ideology..the book celebrates democracy - Ravi Shankar Prasad, Senior Politician

...very interesting characters and some brilliant passages - Rimi Chatterjee, Author

The best part about the book is that it provides a distinct perspective on almost every important political event of the last century - Piyush Jha, Filmmaker

Politics makes strange bed-fellows and this book aptly proves it - Abhijit Bhaduri, Author

Thought provoking, easy flowing yet deep. Not only does it raise questions about the flaws in our multi-party democracy but also makes an attempt at offering solutions - Gul Panag, Actress

That Thing Called Love

Set at a good pace, debutant novelist and scriptwriter Tuhin A. Sinha weaves a contemporary story of a bunch of well-etched out characters' exploring expectations, disillusionments and fragility in relationships." -

"… an urban metropolitan reader may easily be able to relate to the dynamics governing the rising complexities in relationships."-

"..the book touches several social issues and deals with them in a manner that has hitherto not been dealt with before." - Screen

"A subject, currently explored in films, coupled with flowing language and generous use of the first person, makes this book an exciting read." - Afternoon Dispatch and Courier, Mumbai

"A journey of discovery through disparate spectrums, Tuhin waxes eloquent on the choices that lie before the typical urban Indian male and in an odd way strikes a chord that is unmistakable."- The Sunday Indian

The Captain (formerly 22 Yards)

"Setting the cats among the pigeons, 22 Yards steers dangerously close to uncomfortable facts surrounding cricket today" - Financial Express

"The book is the first of its kind- it embarks on a course that is based on some real life incidents in Indian cricket." - The Hindu

"The plot is extremely interesting and would find favour with all cricket lovers. The writing is swift and lucid." - The Statesman

"A breezy non-stop read with some excellent passages which bring out the issues that confront modern day cricket." - Charu Sharma, cricket analyst

"All the passion and pain of cricket, all the glory and gloom; the need to be a loner and share a field with twenty-one other loners; the swing and spin of success, greed and lust..The Captain is alive with that feeling, that comprehension." - Tom Alter, actor and cricket expert